35 Reasons We’re Excited About The Re-release of The Day He Wore My Crown

In case you missed it, the 35th anniversary version of David T. Clydesdale’s The Day He Wore My Crown is now available on our website. A lot has changed in the world since its initial release in 1981 (less parachute pants, leg warmers, and perms just to name a few). However, the songs in The Day He Wore My Crown have proven to be timeless and transferrable into a digital format. Here are the top reasons we’re so excited to offer this re-release:

  1. The original recordings are preserved with today’s digital mixing technology
  2. David T. Clydesdale. Need we say more?
  3. A completely re-inputted songbook utilizing today’s modern notation software
  4. We had one chance of transferring the tapes into a digital format and it worked!
  5. You and your choir can be a part of the amazing journey that these songs have been on
  6. The sound is bigger than ever
  7. The hair however is not bigger than ever meaning choir members can now see their choir director
  8. A new generation can experience these classic songs
  9. An awesome lineup of songwriters — The Gaithers, Dottie Rambo, Dallas Holm, Lanny Wolfe, Michael W. Smith, Lari Goss, and more
  10. SATB rehearsal tracks leave no voice part behind
  11. Every song is incredible (really this is 12 reasons but we decided to squeeze it into one)
  12. And they include voices of the original singers like Steve Green and Sandi Patty before they were stars
  13. You can start a The Day He Wore My Crown hashtag on social media and watch it trend throughout the Easter season #TheDayHeHeardMyChoir
  14. We now offer audio stem files
  15. Split-track accompaniment CDs will make rehearsals a snap
  16. The people singing it won’t have mullets
  17. You can listen to the audio previews virtually anywhere without having to cart around a huge boombox
  18. If anybody is singing with a mullet, they’ll probably be considered “cool” and a trendsetter
  19. The same goes for anybody listening to the songs with their boom box
  20. As a matter of fact, maybe we should all grow mullets and listen to The Day He Wore My Crown on boom boxes
  21. Or not and say we did
  22. You can be a part of the rich history of 35 years of people who have sung this monumental collection of songs
  23. The orchestrations will make you want to pick up playing an orchestral instrument (if you don’t already)
  24. You can enjoy singing the songs knowing that the crimped hair trend has passed
  25. David T. Clydesdale’s foreword at the beginning of the new book that offers a glimpse at the genesis of this project
  26. You can now practice the songs with helpful lyric videos
  27. The orchestrations are timeless and the lyrics ring just as true as they did 35 years ago
  28. Cell phones are now smaller than your choral book (but that doesn’t mean you should text and sing)
  29. No more shoulder pads mean more room for the choir to move around
  30. The ability to listen to full-length samples of the songs online if you need any more convincing
  31. The congregation can now live-tweet the choir’s performance
  32. If your friends and family aren’t able to come to your performance, they can Skype or Facetime in so they don’t miss a moment
  33. You can also post songs from the performance on YouTube and maybe even go viral
  34. Less hairspray in the lungs will hopefully allow your sopranos to hit the high notes easier
  35. Christ wears the crown for now and eternity and that alone is worth getting excited about

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