5 Tips for Dealing With Conflict in Worship Ministry

For better or for worse, dealing with conflict is part of that territory in worship ministry. Having dealt with conflict in church music ministry on all kinds of levels, I’ve learned many things throughout the years that are a tremendous help. Here are five tips that will help you deal with conflict in your church and worship ministry more effectively

1. When dealing with conflict in your worship ministry, go to the Word. You can’t survive in 
church work without deriving your strength from your personal devotion time. It’s in the secret place that you’ll find your wisdom, strength, emotional stability, and everything else you need to make it.

2.Don’t chat about the conflict with others. Take it to the Lord. We so want to be affirmed in our position and we seek out those who will give us that affirmation simply because it makes us feel better. But you’ll do way more damage by talking than if you simply make it a matter of prayer.

3.When facing a conflict in your worship ministry, let your emotions settle before reacting
or making decisions. Remember that the problem may not actually be as it appears to you initially. Reacting before the appropriate wait time can be devastating.

4. Always remember that there is often more than one right way to do something. This is particularly true in music ministry and creative work. Allowing for someone else’s “right way” can be the most beneficial in dealing with a conflict if you can be open enough to do it.

5. Measure the immediate conflict in light of long-range goals. Try to take a step back and look at the big picture. If 
this current issue is a tempo
rary thing, be sure to give it the appropriate intensity. Don’t allow the issue to become a bigger deal than it needs to be.

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