Then Came the Light — Narration Sneak Peek

Then Came the Light is a new Christmas musical by Derric Johnson and Richard Kingsmore that blends captivating elements of storytelling and music. The following is an excerpt from the narration in Then Came the Light written by Derric Johnson. To check out samples of the complete narration and music, visit our website here:

Joey was eight, and he lived in a San Diego housing development. Church buses made periodic runs through his neighborhood to gather children for Sunday School and other special events.

The nice people invited him to a Christmas party. He would have fifteen minutes to get dressed before the bus left for Church. Joey ran home and exploded with excitement to his mother, “There’s a party at that big Church this afternoon, and I’m invited.” He thought it was another “Halloween-costume-party” so he and Mom went to work on his wardrobe. Fifteen minutes wasn’t much time and their finances were more limited than their minutes.

Mom had a great idea — why not go as a haystack? She put an old brown sweater on Joey and stuffed it with weeds. They even put some of the straw on the outside of the sweatshirt to make it look real.

But Joey was more than surprised when the party turned out to be a Christmas play and not a Halloween costume party. He sulked around the fringes of the group until he heard the leaders say that they couldn’t find the manger.

“Can I help?” he asked. “I’m good at finding things.” The parents explained to Joey that what they were looking for was a box full of hay where the baby Jesus could be laid. Someone had borrowed the prop, and how could they have an adequate Bethlehem drama without it?

Joey looked down at his costume — a baggy brown sweatshirt with weeds stuffed in it and straw sticking out everywhere. “I could be a box of hay.” He lay down on the floor and announced: “I’ll be your manger. Let Jesus be born in me.”

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