The Servant: A Maundy Thursday Devotional

Read John 13:1-17

Jesus sat with his friends in an upper room in Jerusalem. They had shared the Passover meal before, but this time it would be different. The disciples believed Jesus was the Son of God and they knew the Scriptures well. They had an excellent teacher. Surely, they had read the passage in Isaiah 53 about the suffering servant. But had they connected the heaviness of this scripture passage with what they were witnessing that night?

Jesus, rising from the table, took off his outer clothing and wrapped a towel around Him. Then, with the humility of a house slave, Jesus knelt down to wash the feet of His friends. Peter tried to stop Him, but Jesus’ actions were clear and firm. Jesus was setting an example of how to serve one another.

As you serve your family, your church, and your community, do you go to the uncomfortable places to serve like Jesus? Maybe it’s a hard conversation you should consider. Maybe you are led to love someone in a way that feels strange or forced or outside your “normal” routine. Sometimes God calls us to the uncomfortable, because He knows through our discomfort, His compassion will spread like wildfire. As you consider the weight of Maundy Thursday, embrace the heart of the Suffering Servant. Ask Jesus to show you how to serve like Him today.

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