Deafening Silence: A Holy Saturday Devotional

Read John 19:31-42

Have you ever experienced deafening silence? It is a sensation where everything is so quiet that it almost sounds earsplittingly loud. The reason for this feeling is rooted in our ears being familiar with constant noise. So much so, that when the noise is suddenly silenced, the lack of noise appears quieter than silence. While the ear tries to figure out the sudden shift in sound, it results in the feeling of deafening silence.

During this Holy Saturday, we are wrestling with the deafening silence of the grave. Jesus went to the cross, instantly flooding the hearts of His followers with noise of every kind. But suddenly, in a borrowed tomb, the Messiah lay lifeless and alone. The silence surrounding the loss of Jesus must have been deafening for His disciples. For three years, they had soaked up every word Jesus said. Now, it was over. Although we know the end of the story, it is good to sit in the silence of the grave. Pondering the weight of sin is an important part of the Easter story. We spend so much time singing about victory and grace, love and mercy, but there was a short time where all hope was lost.

There is good news on this Holy Saturday. Although hope seemed lost, it was not. Although death seemed to have won, it had not. What is the deafening silence you are facing today? Remember, God gives silence to point us to His presence. Jesus has given hope to break the silence of your circumstances, just like He shattered the silence of the grave.

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