Expectations: A Palm Sunday Devotional

Read John 12:12-16

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on the donkey, He was met with the pomp and circumstance of a king. The crowd of people who celebrated Jesus that day had an expectation He would be the one to overthrow the government and make all things right for them. In their eyes, the daily problems they faced would soon be remedied by this illustrious King Jesus.

The first Palm Sunday was filled with hope and promise, but the hope and promise of the people was misguided. They thought Jesus was here to fix the problems they could see—the frustrations and inconveniences that kept contentment or happiness at bay. But Jesus did not come to deal with the surface problems, He came to eradicate the deepest wounds of the soul—sin. How many times do you come to Jesus, wanting Him to handle the situation in front of you, when what you really need is a rescue from your sin?

We know now what the crowds of Jerusalem never knew, so we can celebrate Palm Sunday with fresh eyes. But it is important to keep our expectations of Jesus in check. When we come to Him, let us first acknowledge His kingship over our sin. Only then can our expectations be aligned with the true King Jesus. His sovereign reign is broad enough to cover all sin and the frustrations and inconveniences of your daily life. Jesus wants our allegiance before our agenda. This Palm Sunday, surrender your expectations and worship Jesus for all that He is. Easter is coming, and we know how the story ends.

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