God Is for You

by Jeff Redding ~

I read Psalm 56:9 this morning and chewed on it a while. The more I chewed, the better it tasted. This verse says God is for me. Think about it for a moment. Almighty God, the Creator, Provider, and Judge of the universe is for ME … and for YOU! A different translation interprets this verse saying God is on our side, but how do we know for sure He is on our side? We need to look no further than the most well-known verse in all of Scripture — John 3:16. God loved you so much that He gave up His only Son, so that when you believe in Him, you will not perish but live in eternity with Him!

My friend, God is for you! You + God make an overwhelming majority and an invincible team! The apostle Paul asks in Romans 8:31-39, if God is for us, then who can be against us? Nothing and no one can separate us from the love of Christ. So, you can rest in knowing God is for you, He is on your side, and He has chosen you to be on His team, because He loves you! Now, you certainly didn’t earn the right to be on His team. You didn’t even choose to be on His team. He chose you. That’s called grace! BUT (and it’s a big but), the choice to join Him is up to you.

I liken it to a pick-up basketball game in school. Imagine you are standing in the line, just knowing that you are going to be the last person whose name is called. God and the enemy are ready to pick the teams, and for the Father’s first pick He says, “I pick (insert your name).” You look up in wonder. “Me? Really? You want me to be on your team? I’m not very good,” you say. The Father smiles at you and nods His head. You are filled with such wonder at the happy thought of being called to play on God’s team. Even though you cannot figure out why on earth He would choose you, sunlight floods your soul.

Then it quickly turns dark as you hear the enemy protest the pick. Sin says, “Ha! You can’t have him, he is already committed to play on my team!” Satan says, “Yesss. He signed a contract with sin and he’s received a bonus! His wage is death. So, he’s on our team!” Sin says, “Besides, look! He’s already put on our colors.” You look down in horror and see that your uniform is, indeed, stained crimson. At that moment you remember the words of Isaiah 1:18 which says, “your sins are like scarlet and red like crimson.” Death grabs your arm. “Clearly, he is ours.” “Oh no!” you cry out as you feel the icy grip of death.

But Jesus, reaches out His nail-pierced hand and lays it on your shoulder. He says, “Yes. He signed a contract to play for your team, but I paid the contract price of death for him. Furthermore, I’ve brought MY uniform of purest white that he can change into. But I’ll let him decide.”

Now everybody looks at you.

The enemy has rightfully claimed you. You have already earned the wage of sin, which is death. You are even wearing the scarlet colors of the enemy. However, God has chosen you and paid the contract to release you from the wage of sin. So, whose side are you going to be on? The choice is yours.

God is for you. He is on your side. But you must choose to join Him. How do you do this? Believe in Him, receive your purest white uniform, put it on, and follow Him every day. Team World has more players — what seems like an easier training regimen, flashier uniforms, more fans, and a much bigger band. Team Jesus doesn’t have all these things. Team Jesus has fewer players and seems like a more difficult way. What Team Jesus does have is everlasting. In the end, Jesus will win the game and His team will celebrate forever and ever in the Father’s great house. Won’t you accept the invitation to join His team? Remember, God is for you!

About the author:

Jeff Redding is a Sales Rep at Brentwood Benson. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree from Samford University and has been a worship pastor in both established churches and in new church starts for over twenty-six years.  He currently lives near Fairview, Tennessee with his wife and three children.

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