HORIZON from The Prestonwood Choir

Photo for Brentwood Benson Choral Blog, for new Prestonwood project, HORIZON.

Horizon.  To me, just the word invokes promise, hope, and new beginnings.  It rings of vast and epic exploration.  It awakens the adventurer inside us.  It beckons us to new frontiers.  It’s where heaven meets the earth.

Two years ago this month, our family made a big, bold, faith-filled move to Plano, Texas.  It was an unexpected destination on our journey.  I was an artist-in-residence in South Florida, doing life and ministry with people I’d known and loved for years.  Two of our kids were born there.  We had some roots in the ground; relational, emotional, financial and vocational roots.  We could have easily settled in for a long, long season.  It became obvious that God had a different plan.  He had a new horizon for us.

I’ve been asked a few times since the move, “How’s it going?  Are you okay?  No, really, how are you?”  I can honestly say that I’ve never been more expectant and thrilled in my calling than I am right now, serving in our new home, Prestonwood.  Our family is thriving.  Getting to see your kids flourish as their calling comes to life right before your eyes is breathtaking.  Leah and I are in our 25th year of marriage and it keeps getting better.  These last two years have had sorrows, and strains, joys and pains, trials and triumphs, and through it all we are seeing the faithful hand of God.

It is so exciting to be a part of a church that celebrates so many expressions of art in our worship.  In our multi-generational, multi-ethnic church, one of our central expressions is our choir and orchestra and we are having a blast!  New songs, fresh arrangements, and a unified heart of worship are beaming from our latest recording project, HORIZON.

I wish you all could join our rehearsals, that really turn more into powerful worship experiences.  God is meeting us profoundly as we offer these songs.  We sense His presence and pleasure.   We weep at His grace and beauty.  We shout and give thanks for His goodness and mercy.  Our mission and purpose as the Prestonwood worship ministry has never been more clarion.

Sing to the Lord, all the earth!  Tell of His salvation from day to day.  Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples! I Chronicles 16:23-24

May these songs be for you, what they are for us; beacons of HOPE in the struggles, rivers of JOY in the sorrows, and weapons of POWER in the battles!


Join us as we keep our eyes on the light that’s on the HORIZON!

Michael Neale

Lead Worship Pastor


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