How to Create a Bigger Sound From Your Choir

Every week you have the challenge and privilege of helping a group of voices present music that honors God and ministers to His people. However, have you ever wished for a way to extract a bigger sound from those in your choir? I’ve compiled a few tips and techniques to help your choir sound bigger, no matter the size.

Work on environmental influences

Many factors affect the sound level (and sound quality) of the choir. Among these factors are microphones and sound levels. If you use choir mics, work with your sound person to ensure that they are placed properly and that the volume levels are right. Meet with a few of your best singers and your sound person outside of rehearsal to check out the choir mics. Getting the mics set-up correctly is crucial in creating a bigger sound for your choir.

Give your choir the proper tools

It’s amazing how quickly you can learn music when you listen to it on a regular basis. When working on songs from musical or choral collections, encourage your choir to listen to them online or with rehearsal CDs. You will also want to use music that utilizes the strengths of your choir and ultimately makes their voices sound bigger.

Change the seating arrangement

In most choirs, the women sit in the front with men in the back row. This may work well if all four sections are balanced, but that is rarely the case. If you have a very small men’s section, you may want to try moving the men to the middle. To create a big sound, you’ll need to make seating the adjustments based on the strengths and weaknesses of your choir.

Lead by example and with encouragement

Allow your choir to see that you strive to sing correctly. If you ask them to memorize music, make sure that you are memorizing it as well. Make sure that you express the emotions that you want the choir to portray. As your choir sees you, they will work much harder to match what you are doing. As you work together as a cohesive group, your choir will, in turn, create a richer and bigger sound.

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