How To Grow Your Choir

I’m not sure I’ve ever known a choir director who would say, “My choir is just too large. I don’t know if we can handle any more people.” Most of us are usually racking our brains trying to see how we can get more people to join. While it can be a challenge to grow your choir, it is not impossible. Here are some tips I’ve put together to help grow your choir while cultivating an effective worship ministry.

Personal invitations

This tends to be the most effective method to grow your choir. Find time to talk to people and simply invite them to choir. This can be done at church, in the hallway, or through a phone call. You may even wish to have small “You’re Invited” cards that you send to prospective choir members, complete with a short personal note and Scripture.

Be sure to invite those with “average” voices

You may for good reason be drawn to those with great voices. Invite them to choir, but remember that God loves to use “average” people for great things. When you get a bunch of “average” voices together, you end up with a synergy and a sound that goes beyond the talent of each individual voices.

Resist the urge to simply fill the choir loft

I know of a director who recruited people just to show up on Sundays, put on choir robes, and stand there only so the choir would look bigger. Unfortunately, some of those who were recruited never actually opened their mouths as the choir was singing, and it ended up distracting the congregation more than helping.

Have effective choir rehearsals

The reason to have effective choir rehearsals is pretty obvious. What may not be quite as obvious, though,
 is that if your choir members feel that rehearsals are worthwhile, they are much more likely to invite others to join. As a result, not only will you have more enjoyable and productive rehearsals, but your choir will also grow.

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