Love Your Church

Sunday mornings are a busy time. A lot of details go into making sure Sunday morning services go off without any components slipping through the cracks. Most of the time, it takes many people to pull these services off. With the busyness of the morning, it is easy for us, as worship pastors and church leaders, to let these people go through their service without any recognition at all. We need to remember that these people are sacrificing time away from their life, family, and their own responsibilities to serve. This week, remember these groups of people in prayer and intentionally thank them each Sunday they serve.

Love your Worship Team

Whether your worship team consists of a full band, orchestra, praise team, choir or just you and a sound guy; they are vitally important to Sunday morning services. Take time to thank them for their service and sacrifice. Bring in coffee and donuts. A well-fed musician is a happy musician! Invest in their spiritual growth by buying them your favorite worship CD for them to take home. Your worship team is serving and leading alongside you in worship to the One most worthy. Someone on your team might be having a rough week and a simple kind gesture might turn their week around or get it started on the right foot. One thing we do at my church is take time before rehearsal to go over highs and lows from the week—meaning we each share one high (a good thing that happened) and one low (something that could use prayer or encouragement). Picking an exercise like this allows space not only to get to know one another, but also to invest in each other’s lives in the ways that matter most. Whatever idea you choose, select something that intentionally invests in the lives of your volunteers, and ensure that each time together incorporates prayer. God will move in your team when you invite Him.

Love your Volunteers

Your sound, lighting, and greeter volunteers are just like your worship team. They are sacrificing their time and effort to come into the church to make a comfortable welcoming environment for your congregation. Take a night once or twice a quarter to recognize them. Buy them dinner and make them feel love and respected. Acknowledge them publicly, when it is appropriate. Include them in prayer time before services. These small steps will grow a positive culture around the worship/service teams at your church.

Love your Congregation

I know that after service, a lot of times we are ready to get home and see our families or get on to other tasks we have over us before each week. As worship leaders, we have a responsibility of caring for our congregation. Go out after the service and check on your people. Pray with them. Ask how they are doing. Do your best to remember names and situations. Your congregation longs to be known. Create an environment where that can begin with the church leadership. Resist the temptation to retreat into your green room or office. Be present in living out the gospel in your church.

Love your Pastors

Take time to let your pastor(s) and other church leaders know you are praying for them. Pray for them as you lead. Pray for them as they lead. Also, encourage them by making yourself available to your leadership team. As you know, church staff spiritually empties themselves as they lead the church. Be a part of the group that pours back into them. It will refresh and encourage them inside and out.

As you tackle the challenges of church ministry, be reminded that showing people love is something we learn straight from the ministry of Jesus. He loved completely and unconditionally. He commands us to love God and others above all other commands. Press into the love of God this week. As you reflect on the love of your Savior, it will be natural to spread that love to others.

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