Our Teacher: A Pentecost Devotional

Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Belief can be a tricky thing. Sometimes you believe because you witness something first-hand. For instance, you most likely believe water is wet because you probably drank water or took a bath recently. It would be illogical to say the water is sandy, when you’ve seen and tasted the water is clearly wet. On the contrary, belief sometimes requires having confidence in things unseen. You can be certain of its truth because of your experiences. For instance, when a friend hugs you or says something nice, you believe their love for you is real because you learn their character as you get to know them. As a Christian, one of the best ways to learn the character of God is by reading the Bible. Revelation of God’s character leads you to deeper faith in Him. God’s Word holds every promise God has ever made. The more time you spend reading it, the more the Holy Spirit will reveal God’s promises to you.

Like reading the Bible, listening to music can also be a powerful tool the Spirit can use to teach you about Himself. Songs like “Fresh Wind” (Hillsong Worship), “Holy Spirit” (Bryan and Katie Torwalt, Kari Jobe), and “Promises” (Maverick City Music) all speak to the incredible nature of the Holy Spirit. As you approach Pentecost, immerse yourselves in songs like these. They will remind you of the Holy Spirit’s presence, power, and promise with you right now.

Hebrews 11:1 is a reminder how faith is the confidence of hope and the assurance of the unseen. As you navigate the forests of faith, filled with peaks and valleys of boldness and uncertainty, remember the hope you have in Christ. Easter taught us that He has already won. The promise of Pentecost is only the continuance of this hope. It deserves all the excitement of Easter but with the added perspective that the presence of God is here, now, working and revealing His character to all who receive.

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