Preparing Your Heart for Your Choir Concert

Your big choir concert is a few days away. You have the lyrics memorized, your outfit is ready, and you’ve invited all of your friends and family. However, is your heart in the right place? We’ve put together some tips and suggestions to prepare your heart for your big choir concert.

Hold a time of prayer prior to the service
At your last rehearsal before the big event, have a time of prayer in the sanctuary. Individually or in small groups, pray specifically for the people who will be sitting there. Then, gather together as one big group and pray for one another. Pray that God would be glorified during the concert as you open your hearts to the ways he moves.

Read scripture based on the event’s theme
If the event has a specific theme or focus, take some time reading a bible passage that relates to it. Read the passage a few times in the week before the concert. Spend some quiet time with God asking him to move during the event as you align your heart with his Word. You may even want to write down a verse or two and put it in a place where you will see it on a regular basis.

Stay in communication with the church body and community
Whether it’s through a bible study, prayer group, or even just chatting for a few extra minutes after church, it’s important to stay in tune with the needs of the church. It’s also important to be aware of the needs of the community surrounding your church. If you want the worship event to truly be an outreach, it’s crucial to know where the people in attendance are coming from as you bring them into the presence of God. As you pray for the event, remember to pray for the specific people who will be there as well as the congregation as a whole.

Arrive early
One of the easiest ways to lose your focus before a concert is by running late. Chances are, your mind is still running a mile a minute by the time you find your place on stage. Once you finally figure out what song the choir’s on, you’re too busy thinking about the house you left a wreck or that stop sign you ran to focus on worshipping God. Arriving early allows you to have a few minutes to truly still your heart before you lead His people into a time of worship.

Focus on the bigger picture
Whether you’re singing just a few songs before the message, an easy musical, or a full-blown production complete with drama, animals, and professionally produced backdrops, this is all about glorifying God and sharing the Gospel with those who will be in attendance. All of the preparation, notes, and extra time is ultimately about Jesus. You already know to warm up, practice, and hit your cues. You’re there to help usher people into the presence of Jesus, to show them His grace, and proclaim His name above everything.

What are some additional ways that you and your choir prepare your hearts for your upcoming concert? Comment below and let us know!

2 thoughts on “Preparing Your Heart for Your Choir Concert

  1. After doing a final sound check and about 20 minutes before starting. We will gather in the choir room. Lights dimmed, candles lit we will have a prayer and worship time. Normally I start by reading some scripture, a guided prayer to focus and close by singing a familiar song and sometimes communion before going out.

  2. We set up communion and the choir members can take it on their own during their pre-concert prayer time.

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