Song Devotional Series: Arrival

Christmas is coming! We know you are pouring out everything you have for others and now we want to pour into you! Throughout the month of December, we will be sending out our Song Devotional Series, centered on reminding you of the joy of Christmas, inspired by music. Use these in your personal devotional time, as a reflective time during your choir rehearsal or worship team gathering, or as inspiration for a sermon during the Christmas season! Each Song Devotional will give you a short reading, a scripture passage to reflect on, and a sermon outline suggestion around each devotional topic.

From all of us at Brentwood Benson and Worship Together, Merry Christmas!

Arrival – Devotional

Jeff Redding

Have you ever seen Air Force One land? The President’s arrival an exciting event for anyone to experience. But it can also be a tense time for those responsible for his safety. Think about the preparation that goes into the safe arrival of the President to a city. Every detail must be strategically planned and executed without a misstep.

While the arrival of a leader like the President is exciting, there was never an arrival more important that the arrival of Jesus, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, into the very world He created. The Bible explains that the arrival of Jesus was clear in all of Creation. John 1 says that all things were made through Christ and that He became flesh and lived among us. Even though Jesus could come with any level of power and authority, He came as a person, like you and me. More than that, the Infinite became an infant, born in the darkest corner of a little town called Bethlehem.

Who is this precious baby who arrived in such humble form? This baby whom shepherds guard and angels sing? Worship in awe and wonder. This is Christ the King, who came to save the world.

The Arrival – Sermon Outline

  1. The Arrival Planned – Revelation 13:8
  2. The Arrival Promised – Isaiah 7:14
  3. The Arrival Proclaimed – Luke 2:9

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