Song Devotional Series: Born Is the King (It’s Christmas)

Born Is the King (It’s Christmas) – Devotional

Cody Batten

It’s Christmas! The time to celebrate the gift of Jesus. Christmas is also a time to reflect on our own lives and remember what this gift from God really means. But how often do we get wrapped up in what the rest of the world thinks Christmas should be? Are we allowing ourselves to be consumers of a worldly Christmas or are we allowing ourselves to rejoice at the miracle of this true gift from God?

The Bible gives us clear instruction to rejoice as we announce this good news. The Messiah is born! Christmas at its core, is the chance to gather with the people of God and celebrate Jesus. What we can too often forget is that it is okay to be enthusiastic and energized with the message of Christ! So today, give yourself permission to find the joy in your own heart that rightly celebrates the Christmas story.

The Hope of the world came for all mankind, not just for the Christmas season, but for every day. So how are you celebrating the good news, and are you sharing your joy with others? Christmas is the perfect opportunity to spread the good news, so be intentional to tell someone today about the joy found in Jesus.

It’s OK to Celebrate! – Sermon Outline

Celebrate the Birth (Luke 2:10-21) – Born is the King! Rejoice!

Celebrate the Life (John 12:44-50) – Jesus clearly states why he came and we should also.

Celebrate the Gift (Romans 15:1- 3) – We should not forsake what he has done for us and Celebrate Him every day.

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