Song Devotional Series: Hark

Hark – Devotional

Rick Nelson

Who doesn’t love Christmas carols?  Since we sing them in a shortened time period, their impact is concentrated.  They bring joy to the season, but there is rich theology in the carols.

In Charles Wesley’s classic, Hark, The Herald Angels Sing, we listen to the angels of Luke 2. They announce the birth of the Savior King, who will reconcile God with man.  He will bring peace to earth.  Born of a virgin, He will let us see the Godhead veiled in human flesh and will willingly be God with us, our Emmanuel!

The verbs of the carol are pregnant with encouragement to worship the Savior.  We are urged to give Him glory, adore Him and hail Him.  Brooke Ligertwood of Hillsong Worship correctly said, “the whole premise of Christmas inspires worship.” The carols align our hearts and focus our gaze on King Jesus.

We worship Him as the heaven-born Prince of Peace, the Sun (Son) of Righteousness because He brings us light and life, offers us healing and gladly lays aside the privileges of deity to let us share in the defeat of the ultimate enemy, death and experience eternal life. So we join in with the angels as they sing, glory to the newborn King.

What are the Angels Saying? (Luke 2:8-14) – Sermon Outline

  1. Don’t be afraid – the gospel is the best news ever! (8-10)
  2. Jesus shows us what God looks like in human flesh (11-12)
  3. The appropriate response to the Good News of Christmas is worship! (13-14)

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