Song Devotional Series: Joy to the World!

Joy to the World – Devotional

John Roberts

With a world so full of confusion and chaos, it is often hard to stop and realize the amazing joy we have in Christ. Joy is a word we use so frequently in the church that it often loses impact. Joy simply means to have intense feeling of happiness, delight, or triumph. So, when we feel or express joy, we encompass all of these intensely satisfying emotions. Joy is such a gift! For Christians, our joy is rooted in our delight in the story of Jesus and the triumph of what He did on our behalf. And it all began with the amazing first chapter: the Christmas story.

The very birth of our Savior caused all of heaven and earth to sing—literally! The angels appeared and shouted praise to God and the stars erupted with explosions of light announcing His arrival. It’s hard to imagine visible joy like they experienced on that night in Bethlehem. Just like heaven and earth, we are to respond with joy over the Christmas miracle. So, how is the joy of Jesus reflected in your life? This Baby, born to die for you, is to be celebrated here and now. Worship Him today and join heaven and nature, singing JOY!

Joy Follows Jesus – Sermon Outline

  1. Jesus came with resounding joy – born with angels and stars, shepherds and wise men, all celebrating His arrival.
  2. Jesus came with triumphant joy – entered Jerusalem before His crucifixion to a triumphant entry.
  3. Jesus will come with everlasting joy – Jesus came out of the grave and will return to rule and reign with His people forever.

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