Song Devotional Series: O Come, All Ye Faithful

O Come, All Ye Faithful – Devotional

 Terryl Padilla

The Nativity scene is a staple during the Christmas season. People set up scenes in their homes, lawns, stages and stores. We’ve grown so accustomed to seeing the baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, and an assortment of other animals and characters, that there is nothing shocking about it. In fact, we see it as cute.

There is, however, a shocking element inside this precious manger scene. Every detail of Jesus’ birth was orchestrated by God to set the scene for the Savior of the world. So, it’s no coincidence that God spoke to two entirely different groups of people. Read Matthew 2 and Luke 2. You will see the wisest and richest, and the lowliest and outcast, both invited to worship Jesus. Jesus came to save all people and God proves it within the first part of Jesus’ life on earth.

We know that the shepherds came before the magi, but they both did the same thing upon seeing Jesus. They both lowered themselves to worship Him. No longer did it matter if someone was a rich wiseman or a lowly shepherd, they were all the same at the feet of Jesus. The same is true for us. When we truly worship Jesus, it is not about our accomplishments or failures, it is about the perfection of a Savior sent as a Baby to redeem you and me. So, come let us adore Him.

O Come, Let Us Adore Him – Sermon Outline

  1. The Shepherds came with nothing (Luke 2) – You don’t have to get your life right to come to Jesus.
  2. The Magi came bearing priceless gifts (Matthew 2) – He is worthy of our sacrifice of praise
  3. Jesus came with nothing, and still bearing the most priceless gift of all (John 12:44-50) – Jesus wasn’t an unapproachable king, He was a baby born in the humblest of ways showing all of us that earthly riches and accomplishments mean nothing in the sight of eternity; and yet He brought the most priceless gift of all… the promise of eternal salvation. And thirty-three years later as He hung on a cross, He again had nothing and everything, for that day He fulfilled his purpose on earth and brought salvation to a world filled with Shepherds and Magi.

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