Song Devotional Series: Peace Upon the Earth

Peace Upon the Earth – Devotional

Jeff Redding

A waltz by Chopin is not usually something you expect to hear in a Christmas collection. Yet, here it is. Were you surprised?

Imagine the shepherds, even more surprised when an angel appeared and announced the birth of, “a Savior, who is Christ, the Lord!” Luke tells us, a heavenly host appeared praising God and proclaiming peace and goodwill on the earth.

Glory to God! The Prince of Peace is born! But this peace was different from what they had imagined. Instead of bringing an end to wars and earthly strife, Jesus came to be peace in the hearts and lives of those who would put their trust in Him. A peace that goes beyond the things of this present earth.

One day, Jesus will return to establish peace over all the earth, and for all eternity. It is through this peace that we will find full reconciliation with God‚—a gift of peace, that none of us deserve, but that the Prince of Peace longs to freely give us. So we can pray peace upon the earth now, because we know that one day, Jesus will fulfill the promises in scripture, and return as the one who brings peace that passes all understanding.

Peace Upon the Earth – Sermon Outline

  1. Jesus brings temporary peace upon the Earth.
  2. Jesus brings eternal peace with God for those who believe.
  3. Jesus will bring an eternal peace to the earth through His kingdom.

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