Song Devotional Series: Silent Night

Silent Night Holy Night with Savior King – Devotional
Bill Myers

Imagine the scene leading up to that first Christmas. A newly-engaged young couple expecting a child is forced to journey to a town far away to register for a census. Consider the chaos of that situation.

After they arrive to a town at capacity, Mary and Joseph decide to take up residence for the night in a cave-like stable where the most miraculous birth in all human history was to take place. Nothing about that night would be quiet, let alone silent. From the stable animals to the sounds of labor echoing off those stone walls, the silent night we sing about wasn’t silent at all.

But the silence we sing about had nothing to do with noise. It had everything to do with the silence Jesus would bring. Silence to our souls. Silence to our fears and doubts. Silence to sin and death. Silence to the evil one. The Hope of Glory came so we could be saved and bring a soothing silence to the troubles of this world! So, what can we do about this silent night? Do not be silent! Tell the world that Jesus is born. If we do not praise the Lord, the very rocks will cry out. God is not in the business of silence when it comes to the name of Jesus. As His church, we must do the same.

Silent Night: A Story of Contrasts – Sermon Outline

  1. Silent Night, the carol, was written 200 years ago as a simple German folk carol meant for small intimate musical settings. But now, it is one of the greatest and most beloved songs of all time, sung all over the world.
  2. Jesus, the Son of God, born in a lowly manger, yet He deserved the majesty of heaven. Silence of a small-town stable vs. the heavenly host singing, “Glory to God!”
  3. This baby born in darkness is the Light of God’s presence with them! Emmanuel!

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