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Special Delivery by Celeste Clydesdale and David T. Clydesdale gives your kids the opportunity to join in the adventures of the God Squad as they relive the story of Christ’s coming. Below you’ll find several activity and prop design ideas to make this musical a success. Be sure and comment below with any additional craft and activity suggestions.

Designing Wings for Special Delivery

If your space will allow for each student to wear angel wings, it is a great idea to have them design their own unique pair. Below is one simple plan for wings that can be completed in one or two sessions:

Measure the height of your students to see how many wing patterns you will need. You may need a small, medium, and large pattern. Pre-cut the wings out of cardboard or foam board. Once the right size for the child is selected, position the wings on the student’s back and mark four holes to be punched in the foam board/card board. Open the holes and lace the shoe strings through and tie the strings. Let the students put on the wings before they decorate them to make sure the size and string placement is correct.

Fold coffee filters in half and tape or glue them onto the front and back of the wings to simulate feathers. (If you use white foam board or paint the cardboard before class, the students may not need to decorate both sides of the wings. You can decide as time and supplies allow.)

Optional: Give the students glitter, stickers, markers, feathers, and more. Encourage them to add simple embellishments to personalize the wings. If you want more control over the personalization process, set up stations that the children can choose to visit and have an adult work with them to add the personal touches.

Pre-Show Video

If your church doesn’t have a video team, enlist parents or a couple of teens to shoot video during your rehearsals. Set up an interview station and give each child or small group of children a chance to answer a couple of questions. Make sure each child is in the video. Work with the team to get the final video edited and ready at least two weeks before the performance. Clips can be used to promote your musical on the church website or in pre-service announcements. Show the full video as a pre-show presentation. Be sure to include a “video/photography permissions” line in your registration material for parents to sign.

Photo Booths

For your opening rehearsal or listening party, set up a Christmas photo booth. Use the photos to decorate the room, share with parents on social media (follow your church guidelines), and promote the musical in your church community.

Names of Jesus Boxes

Collect large toothpaste boxes (or other boxes of similar size). Paint the boxes solid colors. Let the kids make small versions of the word boxes that will be used in the performance with one of these names on each side: “EMMANUEL,” “PRINCE OF PEACE,” “MIGHTY GOD,” and “HOLY ONE.” Provide paint, small paintbrushes, paint pens, stencils, and letter stickers for the students to use. Make sure you have one or two samples for each table.

Blessing Board

For a great tie in for the song, “A Million Miracles!” designate a space in the room on a bulletin board or wall. Give the students post-it notes and markers. Each week have them write about a miracle from the Bible or an answered prayer from their own life. Help them to see that often things we overlook or take for granted are really a miraculous blessing from God.


Have the kids assist in making clouds for the set. There a lot of great options online and on Pinterest. Some are as simple as covering a large area with inflated white balloons. Others include cutting four to six matching cloud patterns out of poster board then fitting them together to make a 3-D effect. Another option involves attaching batting to white paper lanterns. These can be purchased in a variety of sizes and some are battery operated if you choose to illuminate them. The batting can be attached with adhesive dots. (You may need to reinforce with hot glue before hanging them for the performance.) Make sure that you check your stage for the size you need to make the clouds and consider how heavy they will be before you hang them.

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