Surprise!: An Easter Sunday Devotional

Read John 20:1-18

When you think of the word “surprise,” what comes to mind? Surprises can be a big reveal, a special gift, or even something shocking or frightening. When Mary found the tomb empty on Easter morning, she was probably flooded with all of those same feelings surrounding a surprise. Consider the women approaching the burial site where their beloved Teacher was kept. They had only been without Him three days, and their mourning was tangible. To find the giant stone rolled away and the tomb completely empty would have been an assault on their system. Their minds racing, emotions high, panic and questions taking over. But then, something beautiful happens. Jesus calls Mary by name.

The moment Jesus speaks, all chaos recedes into calm. Questions become answers and panic turns to praise. Jesus rose from the grave, causing a chain reaction to undo the consequences of sin for all time. Easter morning is the surprise of all surprises—and everyone can receive God’s free gift of salvation. All you have to do is listen, because Jesus is calling your name. If you have never accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord, today is the perfect day. If you are already a Christian, then remember the first time Jesus called your name and changed your life forever.

Holy Week is such an important time of reflection in the Christian life. We sincerely hope these devotionals have led you through this time with joy and anticipation for the risen Christ. As you celebrate today, and every day, remember to be expectant. Remember to serve. Remember the blood. Remember the deafening silence. Remember to be surprised. For in Christ, you have life and you have it abundantly.

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